Price list

  • The prices in the list are indicative.
  • The exact price depends on the specific artwork - ask for an offer for your idea.
  • It is possible to pay in installments. Normally it is 50% in advance and 50% when the work is finished, but more payments are possible if needed.
  • The dimensions of custom artworks are flexible. The maximum size of a painting is 130x900 cm.
  • There is a discount for regular customers :)
  • There is also a discount when ordering several paintings at once.

Paintings and drawings

  • The artwork is created in watercolor or watercolor+ink technique.
  • Pictures can be ordered with a frame. In this case the cost of framing will be added.
  • The delivery is free in Estonia. The cost of worldwide delivery depends on the postal service used.
15x20 cm140€
21x30 cm220€
30x40 cm300€
40x60 cm400€
60x80 cm560€
80x120 cm1000€
120x180 cm1500€

Illustrations for public use


  • There is a discount for bigger projects and quantities.
  • The exact price depends on the intricacy of the project and the amount of work (e.g. a simple image based on a specific idea and an abundant narrative illustration based on a text need a very different amount of work).
  • To get the exact price for your specific project, ask for an offer here.

Print ready digital file with simple license for the use in a single project

Black and white simple drawing

10x15 cm 50€
15x20 cm70€
21x30 cm100€
30x40 cm140€
40x60 cm200€
60x80 cm280€

Color illustration

10x15 cm75€
15x20 cm110€
21x30 cm160€
30x40 cm220€
40x60 cm300€
60x80 cm420€

Print ready digital file with exclusive license for unlimited use

Black and white simple drawing

10x15 cm125€
15x20 cm175€
21x30 cm250€
30x40 cm350€
40x60 cm500€
60x80 cm700€

Color illustration

10x15 cm160€
15x20 cm220€
21x30 cm320€
30x40 cm440€
40x60 cm600€
60x80 cm840€